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Free Shipping on Vanilla Orders to ALL US Locations - Min. Order 1 bag (2.2 lbs)

Supplier of Planifolia and Tahitian Vanilla Beans Bulk. Purchase Online and Save. Starting As Low As. $135 Per Pound.

Supplier of Planifolia and Tahitian Vanilla Beans Bulk. Purchase Online and Save. Starting As Low As $135 Per Bag (2.2 lbs)

Delivering the Highest Quality Vanilla Beans at the Lowest Price.
Imported directly from Indonesia.

Traditionally Grown and Cured Planifolia/Tahitian Vanilla in Bulk from Indonesia

For commercial use including vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla extract manufacturing, wholesale pastries, protein powders, teas, milk and more!

Vanilla is widely known as one of the most exotic ingredients in the world. If you are wondering where to buy bulk vanilla beans, look no further. 
Our Planifolia vanilla beans are consciously sourced, produced, packaged and delivered to the U.S. stress-free.

Essence Food and Beverage, LLC exceeds in providing a platform where the supply chain is directly between the farmers and you. No middlemen.

Over 25 Years of Farmer Relations and Sustainable Vanilla Cultivations

Hand-plucked at the peak of freshness, our aromatic planifolia vanilla as bean pods or vanilla bean powder, are a favorite infused ingredient for pastry chefs and other professionals. Planifolia vanilla beans from the origin of Indonesia are best known to produce the highest vanilla caviar.


Up to present time, Planifolia vanilla orchids only grow in a very small subsection of the world, Indonesia being the prime place for this world-famous spice alongside Madagascar, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea. Learn more on Where are Vanilla Beans Grown in our latest news article.

Triple-Check Inspection

Once fully cured, our bulk vanilla beans are sorted by quality and graded as Premium Grade A or Extract Grade B. Through our triple-check-inspection program, we ensure every shipment you receive will be 100% fresh and delivered on time.


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